Easy Slider for Index Page

By | April 18, 2017

I’ve coded up a new Slider system for the Front Page of any Responsive osCommerce. This Slider system takes as many “items” as you add, and sets them out as a multi-carousel, so let us imagine you have 8 items, and you select that each item takes 25% width (3 columns), it will show the first 4, along with prev/next buttons…to show the next 4, and so on.

On the Shop Side – WITH NO CORE CHANGES!

On the Admin Side – all WITH NO CORE CHANGES!

you get a new link in the Tools Box

a new admin page for adding/editing/deleting slider items

a new module which creates the output on the shop side


A really nice system for (eg) linking to special areas of your osCommerce site or linking to other places on the net. All done via Simple Upload, turn on, insert items…done! NO CODE CHANGES AT ALL!!

Want it?

Contact me on the osCommerce Forum. Thank You.

Important Note

This system is available only for the Community Responsive osCommerce.

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