How do I freshen up my site?

By | September 9, 2008

Peer asks;

I have searched the forum without any luck.
Is it possible to insert images in the PHP pages?
I would like to fresh up my site with some images.

I have also looked at the carousel, but find it difficult to include

It certainly is pretty straightforward. You need to always bear in mind that PHP code is just a way of outputting HTML – so think of it as a normal html page…

The recent contribution “carousel” is one to avoid. As far as I recall, it needs 777 permissions on files to be able to work, and 777 on files is a recipe for disaster.

Freshening up a site is quite easy – Making a design work in osCommerce. Of course, I also offer an osCommerce Makeover service as well as selling two eBooks which show how to “design” in osCommerce.

All in allI think I made it fairly easy for anyone to get on with osCommerce – be it from the posts in this blog, to my eBooks, to me actually designing sites…I got it all going on!

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