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By | May 28, 2012

A nice idea by a client of mine is to have the ability for a customer to insert their order number and email address into a form, which then shows their “order status”;

And the information is presented, without a new page load;

This idea is something that I have not seen done before. It took a fair bit of coding effort, but the end result is quite good. The client in question has quite a modified site which allows “guest checkout”, where an account is not set up for a customer, this means that there is no way for the customer to see the status of the order (which is normally done by logging into the account and viewing the order history).

With this modification, all customers (whether they have an account or not) can view the status of their order…

In action;

3 thoughts on “Get Order Status without logging in…

  1. Johan

    Hi Gary!

    Am i wrong when i say i saw this in the addons area?

    I installed this for a year ago but then uninstalled it because i didnt think it was safe enough.

    Godd work tough

  2. Gary Post author

    Hi Johan. There may well be something similar in the addons area, but not this exact one. I also had thoughts about security, but someone would need to know both the email address and order number to get any details. An idea (assuming use of osc 231) might be to put an “action_recorder” on it to see who is using it…

  3. Eddy

    By utilizing “action_recorder” & randomizing a few digits of the order number should make it pretty secure, I think.

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