Getting Reviews is easy…when you make it easy

By | December 6, 2016

TL;DR – make it easy for customer to give you reviews.

Just to give you an idea, these are REAL REVIEWS of this Key System, from REAL SHOPOWNERS;

Since started using it I have about 20 new reviews in just over a week which I think you will agree is a great outcome.

A year later I thought it would be good to share that the shop now has wait for it trumpets playing…. 1047 reviews. All because I have an easy way to ask for them click click send.

I sent out requests on about 50 and I got 8 positive reviews in a couple hours.

Reviews gives you credibility
Given the same product at the same price, would you buy from a shop that has 100 reviews of it, or from a shop that has no reviews of it?

Reviews can be used to revamp your store/products
Finding that a product is getting negative reviews? Fix that product up, or remove it, or place less emphasis on it at your shop. Replace it with a new, better, product… the possibilities here are endless.

Customer Reviews is Manna for SEO
Every customer review is new content for your shop. We all know that Google loves content.

Does your shop have Reviews?

Are you asking your buyers for reviews? If not, why not? If you are and it just isn’t happening, what barriers have you put in place stopping buyers from helping you? Let’s look at a couple;

Barrier #1: Guest Checkout
You have no way for the buyer to login and write a review.

Barrier #2: Having to login
Your buyer needs to remember his/her password that he last used 3 weeks ago. What a pain.

NOW SOLVED, with the all-new KEY System

– shopowner attaches a randomised Key to each order
– shopowner can send emails to 1 customer or multiple customers asking them to click a link to make reviews
– customer makes review without logging in

Admin Side gets a whole new page for setting up keys and sending emails:


As you can see, keys are easy to set up, emails go out with just one press of a button.

Shop side gets a whole new Modular Page for allowing customer to make review(s):


As you can see, multiple products exist in a tabbed layout, making it super simple for buyers to leave reviews. Once a review is left, it looks like this:


At this point, the usual system of reviews is used where shopowner sets status of a new review to live after having had a look at it…

This new (reviews) Key System is available now. I have more ideas for this system which are being coded as you read this.

Want it?

Contact me on the osCommerce Forum. Thank You.

GOOD FOR: Responsive (Community Edition) osCommerce Gold or Edge.