Green Template Problems, Green to osCommerce

By | May 13, 2008

Francis asks

Hi there!  I just downloaded your template and installed it on my newly created oscommerce site.  I’m pretty new to this, so please be patient.  But now when I visit the site, it’s blank???  Everything is fine on the admin side.  Not sure what to do.  Any suggestions?

As you are installing on a brand new osCommerce, simply start over – that’s always the easy way to check that what you have done is correct.  Usually balnk pages are symptomatic of corrupted uploads.  I know the Green design is OK as lots and lots of shops are presently using it.

However, I want to also bring two more things up whilst answering…

1.  Do you really want to use a template that lots of other shops also use.  I know for a fact that there has been over 650 downloads of that template directly from this site, with another few thousand directly from the osCommerce site.  If even 10% of those downloaders are using it, that’s over 300 sites using the exact same design.

2.  You are new to osCommerce! Instead of using a solution (in this case a template) to make things easy, my suggestion for you is to dig into the codebase a little bit yourself.  Re-install a new osCommerce and make some design changes – maybe move some stuff from the sidebars into the header area – then give the whole thing a bit of a design change.

Both these points can be solved very easily by having a look at two products that I offer.  First one is the “osCommerce on localhost package” and the second one is the “Designing osCommerce” eBook – if you use both these in conjunction with each other you’ll learn enough to create yourself a really nice looking design that no-one else is using, and you’ll be able to do it on your Home Computer so you can see the changes you are making instantly rather than have to download and upload via FTP!

I hope this helps. Gary

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