Have I ever helped you ?

By | May 25, 2013

If I have ever helped you out with any form of osCommerce service;

  • Coding
  • Makeover service
  • Or if you bought a Template
  • Or if you bought an eBook

I’d really appreciate it if you would take a minute to post your thoughts about my service/products on the oscommerce forum, here.

Thanks all.

5 thoughts on “Have I ever helped you ?

  1. Gary

    Thank You very much to the great people who posted a few words about my services – I really appreciate it, you are all awesome.

    And to those who I have helped in the past, who read this post, but could not be bothered to spend a minute posting a few words even though they are regular users of the osc forum – thanks 😉

  2. arlisabijoux

    some people just take take take and give nothing in return…..pretty sad really, but what can you do?

  3. Gary

    It is sad. There is something I could do and that is return the favour of not doing anything the next time they come into the forum and ask questions.

  4. arlisabijoux

    I thought of that exactly but didn’t wanna say it for fear of sounding vindictive, however since you mention it yourself, yes that’s what you should do, just ignore those individuals next time they ask you for help, and that is being kind….for I know some devs that can turn really nasty when upset, like giving the wrong info on purpose just to create havoc….I don’t really approve of that, but on the other hand I understand you guys’ frustration when you feel like you’re just being milked, and without a word of thank you.

  5. Gary

    I probably won’t to be honest. I just hope that they read this blog post and comments :thumbsup:

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