Hazmat Module updated for oscmax 2.5

By | March 8, 2012

A long time ago I wrote a Hazmat module which allows the shop-owner to add a charge for shipping hazardous material. You can read more on this blog post from over a year ago.

At the same time, I recoded it to suit osCmax as a few of my clients use oscMax. At that time osCmax was pretty much osCommerce 2.2 with a few extras. Fasty forward 18 months or so and osCmax2.5 has been born. It is still pretty much osCommerce 2.2 with a few extras, but there have been some developments in what has been added. The two main things being QPBPP (Quantity Price Breaks Per Product) and a 1 page checkout.

These two additions change the way in which osCmax works quite a bit. They add some extra complexity behind the scenes, particularly QPBPP (which is a useful addon, but changes too many core files).

For this reason I had to recode the Hazmat Module…to deal with the changes. And pleased to say that it works well.

Thoughts on osCmax 2.5

Code is stuck at 2002. It’s 2012 now, so the underlying codebase needs to be updated desperately. The main problem is that oscMax is full up with other peoples addons, which (being honest) are sometimes not of a good enough quality to make it into core code. Michael needs to step up to the plate now, and serve something better than outdated tables based code. Time to fork osCommerce 3…

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