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By | March 3, 2008

The osCommerce Hot 100 idea has taken off pretty well.  It started with just 42 sites on the list, and I know there are many more great sites – I can’t find them all so if you know of any outstanding osC sites, please submit them using the orange “Add Url” button.

Yesterday, I made a post at the official osCommerce forum with a link to the Hot 100 list – I meant it as a fun way for people to see great sites and to vote them up/down.  Lots of visitors came by and voted, and a few people submitted their websites to the list.  I authorised some and deleted others that had been submitted (I see no point in adding sites that have nothing outstanding about them – if I did that, it’d be a never ending task to keep the list updated).

Anyway, one of the people who submitted a site (which I did not authorise) then started sulking and posting personal abuse at me in the forum thread (called me a c**t even!).  I won’t divulge his URL as that’d be unfair for me to out this person as he might well lose potential customers due to his outbursts – suffice to say that his site is standard osCommerce with a few contributions and a new colour scheme – noting wrong with that – but it would add no value to the Hot 100 list in my opinion.

In the end, I asked a Moderator to delete the thread due to this persons abuse.  There’s no place for that.  It was supposed to be a bit of fun, and this person basically acted like a complete idiot.

I also had 1 shop owner ask to be removed from the list, of course, this is no problem to do so.

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