How to download osCommerce 2.3

It’s not at all straightforward and this is because Github recently changed the way that downloads works.

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Click the grey (blue when you mouseover it) button;

Up pops the download box;

Step 3:

Click the [Download .zip] button on the popup.

Step 4:

Save it on your hard drive

Step 5:

Unzip it, install it, play with it. Let us know what you think of it!

Important Note

The .zip that you download will be named or such. Don’t know why this is – but it will be 2.3.

7 Replies to “How to download osCommerce 2.3”

  1. Hey Gary,
    Thanks for this. The errant file name of the zip baffled me for a while until I just downloaded it and viewed the content to see that it was in fact v2.3.

  2. Well, a few weeks ago I managed to download 2.3 version. I realized that when I was about to start manual upgrading to 2.3 following the recommendation from git. What I wasn’t able to see is multiple images per product, the theme etc..
    If anybody has 2.3 version from their demo please share it.

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