How to send a Product Notification in osCommerce

By | September 25, 2013

osCommerce has a few “well hidden” features that not many people are aware of. One of these is the ability for the logged in customers in your shop to sign up for product notifications (eg, when a product is back in stock, or if you add another size or colour range or whatever).

The subscribe link is in an infoBox and in a standard install looks like this:

infobox showing product notification

This would subscribe the logged in customer to notifications about that particular product. Fairly straightforward so far.

How do you send a product notification email?

In the admin area, go tools > newsletter manager, then click + New Newsletter. In the following page, select product notification from the dropdown, and insert the title of the email and the email contents:


Click save. You are now back at the Newsletter page, and the new product notification Newsletter is showing in the list. You can preview the Newsletter if you wish. Click the lock button. Once locked, you now have extra options available to you. You can delete it, edit it and so on.

Press the send button. This takes you through to the page where you select the product(s) that you wish to email about (to those who have signed up for emails).


I select “courage under fire” and press the >>> button. This move the product to the selected box. Once I am happy, I press the send button and am taken to a new page where I am shown the number of customers to receive the newsletter and a preview of the newsletter itself;


If I now press “send”, the email is sent to those on the list.


As you can see, the system is workable if a little long-winded. It is also limited to registered customers within your shop, which is not ideal.

4 thoughts on “How to send a Product Notification in osCommerce

  1. arlisabijoux

    Thanks for sharing! I never knew you could do that. 🙂 Just a thought, it would be great to have an “email notifications about this product” button under each product and let anybody subscribe, a bit like a guest newsletter signup.

  2. Gary

    Isa – this is done for guests…and is the subject of my next blog post (coming today or tomorrow)…

  3. Peter

    What a bullshit. Goal of (real) product notifications is for the user who wants/needs to be informed on any important change (quantity, price) for a product. This is just some manual thing that serves nothing. I did build this as customisation in 2.2 and will need to rebuild it for 2.3.4

  4. Gary

    Peter. Great, sounds like you are an expert. Please do make your code an addon so that other users can benefit from your knowledge. No? What a bullshit.

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