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By | March 9, 2012

I have been working on a script which imports customers into osCommerce, based on a spreadsheet of customer details. It’s a little difficult as the customer data is patchy and I’ve had to write some custom functions to get the ID of the customers country and so on.

The reason for writing this is to save the shopowner from manually adding 3700 customers! This would take too long. So, I wrote a PHP script which reads a spreadsheer (90% of my work seems to be using CSV files!!), and it seems to work good – 90 lines of code which imported 3700 customers (including address book) in around 40 seconds => saving my customer weeks and weeks of data input.

Script is completely useless for any other shop owner, as it is set up to read his spreadsheet columns. But the same can be accomplished for anyone else wishing to import many customers in one go, get in touch.

5 thoughts on “Import Customers

  1. Java Roasters

    To get the country ID code it might be easier to use the Vlookup function in Excel to pull that information from a list and then import into osC.

  2. Carine

    vlookup / vert.zoeken and named ranges are my thing 😀
    in excel and openoffice saves me a lotoftime and seem to creep in every spreadsheet i use …

  3. Gary Post author

    All the data was in osc, just needed to write a couple custom functions to change stuff into what osc wanted. Eg: US to 223 and so on.
    But vlookup looks powerful!

  4. Dan Cole

    Gary is this script available to purchase? I’m looking to import customer data from Quickbooks to OSC. I can export from Quickbooks but need away to import to OSC. Your script sounds like it might do the trick.


  5. Gary Post author

    Dan – this script is not for sale as is, as it is made to suit the clients spreadsheet. There is no reason why you could not send me a sample import and I can then amend the importer specifically for your needs. Email me to discuss – address is up there ^

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