Installing osCommerce on your own home computer

By | April 29, 2008

Recently I’ve been seeing lots of requests for instructions on how to install osCommerce on your own home computer.  There are lots of good reasons why you should do this;

  1. You can test out new contributions easily before adding them to your live store
  2. You can make a design without affecting your live store
  3. You can just see if osCommerce is right for you without having to buy a domain name and hosting

I decided that YES, I could easily write a tutorial showing how to do this, but then I thought why not just supply it all ready to go?  So that all that anyone would need to do is download some files, press a button, open the browser to http://localhost and osCommerce is ready and waiting for you.  Sounds good, right?

Well, hopefully, in the next day or two I will be able to offer this!  My idea is to install 2 flavours of osCommerce;

  1. Standard osCommerce
  2. osCommerce with STS

That way, anyone can decide which to use!  I think that this will be a useful addition to everyone!

7 thoughts on “Installing osCommerce on your own home computer

  1. Gary Post author

    Ok, a bit of progress on this.

    As of right now, I have a webserver installed with PHP My Admin. And I have osCommerce installed in 1 directory and osCommerce w/ STS in another directory.

    Looking good!

  2. Gary Post author

    Seems to work great. Tested on 3 different computers without any problems at all! Now to get it packaged up and available.

  3. Lando

    Any update on this? Been watching this for a link since it was posted. I’m very interested. Keep up the good work.

  4. Gary Post author

    Lando – it’s basically ready. All I need to do is write up a little User Manual which will show how to download your “live shop” and make a working backup on your home computer. I hope to have that one written today.

  5. Gary Post author

    Lando – hopefully this afternoon! Will post with more details. Cheers, Gary

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