Introducing the osCommerce HOT 100

By | February 29, 2008

I’ve been working on coding up a new twist on the “Lives Stores” area of the official osCommerce site.  I went through lots of shops over the past few days, trying to find those that have something exceptional about them.

So far, I am at 42 Stores which (in my opinion) show some skill with regards to the look/theme.  I’m going to call it the osCommerce HOT 100 – hoping eventually to reach 100 outstanding osCommerce sites.

Not only will a list of sites give us all something to look at, it will also help other sites to become better.  Anyway, I would like to introduce the osCommerce HOT 100.

If YOUR site is listed, well done!  You are one of the best looking osCommerce Stores out there.   If you know an exceptional osCommerce site that should be on the list, click the Orange “Add URL” button and input the URL and Shop Name (Anchor Text).  It will then get added to a list which I will then go through and authorise.

Remember that your site needs to have something exceptional about it’s appearance in order to make the list!

So, come on guys – vote for the HOTTEST of the osCommerce HOT 100!

16 thoughts on “Introducing the osCommerce HOT 100

  1. Gary Post author

    Cheri – you have an exceptional store 🙂

  2. Joop

    A lot of the websites you listed do have a striking resemblance with templates i found on the ‘buy an osc template’ sites.

  3. Gary Post author

    Joop – some of them do, but if these shops hae taken a template and made something great out of it, that’s just fine 🙂

    Craig – no worries, you have an outstanding shop – presently the 3rd HOTtest!

    If anyone else knows of any osCommerce shops that should be added to the list, please use the “Add URL” button. The more shops on there, the better! Thanks.

  4. Mark


    Thanks for including my site site in the top 100 🙂

    Although the thumbshot is well out of date, anychance of getting it updated or is that controlled by thumbshots???

    Thanks Again


  5. Gary Post author

    Hi Mark – you have a very nice site – it’s well worth adding to the list 🙂

    The thumbs are controlled by thumbshots, but I am looking at implementing a new way to do thumbs. In the meantime it might be an idea for you to go on over to thumbshots – there might be an “update thumb” link on there somewhere?

    Thanks, Gary

  6. jeff

    Thank you for including The Wedding Printer in your list. This is my first osCommerce website and it has been a fun adventure.


  7. archedesoisy

    Hi everyone.

    My site is in the top 20 !

    Actually, we are a small french gift shop and online for 4 months (we already make 25% of our business online !).
    Before that, I had never created a website or done anything about design, but I haven’t bought any template and just learnt everything.
    That’s why I’m proud to be here and see that some people liked it. I’m really grateful to the osc community. 🙂

    Thanx! bye bye.


    NB : My favorite one : Assault shirts.

  8. Gary Post author

    Hi Jen – you have a very nice site – well done!

  9. Gary Post author

    Wayne – nice work! Added it, along with some others that were waiting for authorisation. Gary

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