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By | January 28, 2014

Here’s the latest in my line of templates for which I’ve called “Kripke”…


Header Area

I’ve included the breadcrumb in the header area and also a “logged in” message which has been something under discussion in the official osCommerce forum;


Main Content Area

I have recoded the “new products” and categories “products listing” module from scratch to utilise a more semantically correct “list” of products, example.


In the product page, I have removed the “bx gallery” in favour of a custom coded gallery which gives better results in my opinion (example; you can click on the main image or any of the thumbnails).

Footer Area

Contains a nice looking “social” and “payment” box as well as information, contact details and so on.

Other bits and pieces

Index page has a slider system of images (that fade in and out), which is controlled by the usual Banner Manager system. I’ve also made some changes in the categories box to output a line between each category and some arrow icons in each box. Shopping cart box in the header is interactive, showing buttons when a checkout is available.

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