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HOw many times have you seen an osCommerce store that has the same boring old layout for the product_info.php page? 100s of times, I bet.

Even some of the templates from Template Monster etc have only amended the larger picture rather than concentrating on smaller changes to individual pages.

Today, whilst I was doing one of my popular osCommerce makeovers, I decided to experiment a bit with a slightly different take on product_info.php – basically I wanted to put the buy button etc at the TOP of the description rather than at the bottom. My view is that it’s better to get the important stuff at the top of the page…

Anyway, here’s an image of what I came up with;

Basically, I moved the “price” information down below the product name. I also updated the price layout to read nicer (our price, you save etc). I then moved the “product attributes” and “buy button” up alongside the price, so it all looks like it is on one line. I then added a bit of candy (the faded underline effect) to break up this area from the “price” line and the “product info”.

I think it looks decent, what do you think?

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  1. Hi Gary,

    This is exactly what I’m looking for but there doesn’t seem to be a suitable contribution available. I edited the product_info.php page myself and got it looking alright but on some items it displays incorrectly, I think it’s down to the content of the description. Every so often I find another product it displays badly on, so haven’t ever sent it “live” because it’s running on a shop with over 2000 products on and I can’t check them all!

    Do you have this available as a contribution I can download like your other bits?


  2. Tom – it’s not a contribution as it’s only moving code around the page to create a better look…

    Most likely your is breaking as you have HTML in the product descriptions? Strip it out…

  3. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the reply, all of the products were imported from an old database where they had all sorts, i.e. videos, HTML etc in the descriptions. We are in the process of changing the descriptions (2000+ products) so they are all standard text, however for a particular set of items I have a HTML table with information about it’s requirements which I’d like to say. Is this likely to break the whole thing?

    Cheers Gary.

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