More osCommerce Breadcrumb funkiness

By | January 14, 2010

I really wanted to try out a menu system that I found online, in osCommerce. The menu system is the one at Izzy Menu…and integrating it into osCommerce was fairly simple.

The code from the Izzy site is quite straightforward, so I simply used it on the breadcrumb osCommerce function. You can see the results in this video;

It looks pretty good and (as far as I recall) only needed changes in one osCommerce file and the stylesheet,as well as moving the breadcrumb to the top of the header.php file. I’ve tested it in Firefox and IE8 and it seems OK.

3 thoughts on “More osCommerce Breadcrumb funkiness

  1. Sahne

    Hi Gary,

    It looks really great! You said that the implementation is simple. I have the same navigation bar, but I want to use it as horizontal navigation bar, so I need to put it into the header.php. Could you please explain to me, step by step how it works?

    Thank you so much in advance!


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