New Look for Site

By | April 12, 2008

Since I started the site in 2004, I’ve stuck with the same design until the last few weeks. The old design served it’s purpose fairly well, but was getting stale.

4 years, in internet terms is a VERY long time – so I decided that a “more modern” look was needed. After a bit of brain-storming I came up with the new look which is more of a “blog” layout than a “typical website” layout – although the site is not a blog.

I think the site is much easier to navigate now, and in my opinion it’s certainly more modern looking. Here’s a comment from a friend;

I always thought the old design was a bit ugly

A New Logo!


Which gives a bit more “modern” look again. What do you think?

Here’s the site, and yes, I still have the “Buy One Get One Free” offer running:

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