Next update to discount vouchers

By | June 2, 2008

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this.

At the moment I am working on a “date” function for the Discount Vouchers contribution. Basically when a coupon is set up, the store owner will be able to choose a start and end date for the coupon usage – so that if a Store has a promotion during (say) June, the coupon can be set up to only be available for use during June.

The Admin side is completely done. The shop side, I just need to do some basic trapping to determine if todays date is within the start/end date set up on the voucher.


Shows a coupon being set up – note the funky date calendar picker for the Start Date and End Date. Then shows what happens if todays date is outside the “start and end” dates. Then I set up another coupon called “test2” to show it working as it should do (if todays date is within the “start and end” dates).

3 thoughts on “Next update to discount vouchers

  1. Gary Post author

    OK, so that was pretty simple. I added a quick video to the post to show the new coupon adding input fields.

    Should be having this contribution packaged up, maybe for tomorrow.

  2. OSdave

    hi gary,
    just today my boss told me that he needs a discount voucher module: is that just coincidence? 😉
    As he wants it ASAP (as always), I’d be very gratefull if you could advise me when you have it done, so i could try it (or even send me the zip directly to my email, that would be great!)

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