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By | March 23, 2012

Really short post as this is so simple.

When you open the osCommerce admin, the “configuration” box is open by default. This is because it is at the top of the boxes list. If you place a different box on the top of the list, that one will be open by default instead.

Easy as 123. To do this, open up admin/includes/column_left.php and move the line of code that displays the box up to the top. Eg, move

include(DIR_WS_BOXES . ‘customers.php’);

to right underneath

$cl_box_groups = array();

But…what if you want to keep the box order as is (NOT move any lines of code), and just have the customers box open as default?

Again, easy as 123. Count from ZERO until you get to the box you want open. Eg, in a standard install of osCommerce, the customers box is number 3. Open up admin/includes/column_left.php and add the following code;

active: 3

right after;

icons: {
‘header’: ‘ui-icon-plus’,
‘headerSelected’: ‘ui-icon-minus’

Now the boxes are as they were, but the customers box will be open by default instead of the configuration box.

2 thoughts on “Open a different box by default in Admin

  1. Steph

    Just a short note here, as i found this very very helpfull..

    Going to orders and customers requires quite alot of clicks, and ought to be a shortcut on the dashboard as i use this several times a day..

    Turns out there already is a shortcut..
    The two graphs with latest orders and customers, have a small caption at the top right corner. Click on this, and you end up in admin/orders or admin/customers..

  2. Gary Post author

    Nice find Steph, I never noticed that.

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