oscmax zencart creloaded – bewildered!

By | April 2, 2008

Henry asks;

I am about to set up an OSC site but which one to use Oscmax, CREloaded, Zencart

CRE seem to have the best support but I like the Xshop software that goes with OSCmax.

None of the above! Why not go with a standard install of osCommerce and then add the functionality you need – rather than start off with something that’s a bit bloated and possibly contains stuff you will never need…

I am a wholesaler so need different pricing for different types of customers.

I use a contribution called “Customer Groups” on one of my osCommerce sites. Here’s a screenshot;


This gives me the ability to assign a permanent discout rate to a group of customers! The contribution is right here (it’s not one of my contributions)…I have added some extra coding to give me a list of all the customers in the group though – only to make it slightly easier for me to use.

Also do you know of any contribution that would enable a customer to buy something online and key in a code to say that they were referred from a particular shop that I could then pay commission to that shop whether it be a % or a flat fee or a per item fee and can some products be switched on or off so they not be included in the commission.

You’d probably do better to look at getting this coded from scratch – as, off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything that’s a perfect fit.  I guess that to get a good coder onto making somehting that fits your requirement would be fairly expensive…

I like your featured contribution as well and hope to install it when I get going. Do you do installs for people.

Thanks 🙂 I do installs, the usual cost is about $25 usd or so, but it depends upon what needs to be installed as to the exact charge.

Thanks, Gary

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