osCommerce 2.3.1 available for download

An ultra quick release of a maintenance version of 2.3, bringing it to 2.3.1 – this release fixes some last minute changes that did not make it to the release of 2.3 for whatever reason.


  • Confirm new Product Reviews to the customer
  • Fix a PHP notice in Phpass
  • Fix Reviews Box language definition
  • Fix pre-defined Australian Dollar currency code
  • Label the HTML Content field for large product images
  • XHTML fixes for pop-up pages

Files Updated

  • catalog/admin/categories.php
  • catalog/admin/currencies.php
  • catalog/admin/includes/classes/passwordhash.php
  • catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/categories.php
  • catalog/includes/classes/passwordhash.php
  • catalog/includes/languages/english/product_reviews_write.php
  • catalog/includes/modules/boxes/bm_reviews.php
  • catalog/includes/version.php
  • catalog/info_shopping_cart.php
  • catalog/popup_image.php
  • catalog/popup_search_help.php
  • catalog/product_reviews.php
  • catalog/product_reviews_write.php

Upgrade Guide

If you have installed 2.3 and simply want to patch the files manually, follow this guide. Or, start fresh with 2.3.1 direct download link.

Garys Comment

Hopefully this marks the start of official releases that are kept bang up to date, rather than go years between releases!

5 Replies to “osCommerce 2.3.1 available for download”

  1. Martin, I’d agree that an official release needs to be made far more often, certainly every quarter. Github shows some activity, but not many people know that the latest is available from there.

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