New Templates – the only osCommerce certified provider of 2.3 templates

By | August 5, 2013

Now have a few osCommerce Templates available at osc Templates, all priced very low – just £16 (about $25). Take a look. You might find one that suits your needs. Remember that all these templates can be changed in any way you wish to better reflect your site.

All the Templates are instantly downloadable, and super simple to install – most take not more than 5 minutes from paying via Paypal to being live on your site!!

osC Templates is the only certified provider of 2.3 templates…

Special Offer

Buy a Template and get a FREE eBook. Buy any of the Templates listed and choose any one eBook from osc Books entirely free OR choose a free installation of the template you bought. Easy as 123 – buy the template you like and then get in touch to let me know if you want an eBook or an install.

Offer expires at some point during August, so make that buying decision sooner rather than later!

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