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Here’s a portion of an email that I received this morning;

By the way, I don’t know if you are familiar with –removed–, but think it is a great addition to osCommerce. I also think they are going about it the right way to monetize it with optional extras on top of the open source stuff, and think this same method would work really well on the main osCommerce addon site (kind of like an app store) whrere you could have all the free addons (that may or may not work too great – you take your chances) and a paid part for properly supported apps that have to be approved by admins to make it on the paid part in the 1st place. I think the current addon part of osCommerce is becoming a bit too messy and complicated for people starting out to understand. With so many incompatible versions all mixed in together, it may be slowing killing the whole system. I don’t see it as too much of a crime for some paid stuff to be on there, alongside all the free stuff (not that I am knocking the free stuff – I’ve had loads of it and love it!). I only say this because I know you are quite involved in osCommerce and may be interested in feedback from the average joe using it like me. Anyway rant over.

The ALL NEW osCommerce “App” Shop


So, I’ve introduced at this blog a new system of Add Ons (which I am going to call “Extensions”). These extensions will be provided by the best coders (both professional and amateur), they will range in price from a few dollars upwards and they will be fully supported by their developer. When you purchase an extension from ClubOSC you know that I have personally seen the addon in action and know that the developer is able to support and maintain the extension.

The extensions may be as simple as a couple of lines of code or maybe 10,000 lines of code – in either case, you can expect the extension to be priced very competitively.

You can find the “App” Shop here – I hope to add many more extensions over the coming weeks and months and would invite any coders to email me should they wish to explore the option of selling their add-ons via this blog.

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  1. Hi Carine – I coded it quick and nasty in tables, I think that’s why it breaks. Something new coming soon :)

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