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By | August 15, 2010

I just set up a forum where users of osCommerce and those people who sell osCommerce based services can interact. I don’t know if it’ll take off, but it seems a shame to not have a way to get hold of an osCommerce professional.

Check it out at Get an osCommerce Freelancer. Hopefully it’ll be of use to both Freelancers and General Users alike.


If you are a freelancer who offers any type of osCommerce service, please feel free to add yourself to the “Freelancers List“.

General Users

Feel free to post your project in the “Help Needed” Forum.

5 thoughts on “osCommerce Freelancers Forum

  1. jared

    I often see *osCommerce* freelance job postings on freelancer.com and other related sites.


  2. Gary Post author

    J – exactly, and isn’t it sad that users have to resort to coders who know next to nothing about osCommerce. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a bunch of people who do know osCommerce be able to give quotes easily, the option is still there for the person to then go to freelacer.com etc

  3. jared

    That is true — I have seen a lot of osC sites who have had “work” done that I needed to undo afterwards because they removed the header in favor of code in each and every page, statically defined boxes with category lists rather than use osC code to do it much more efficiently, etc.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the same.


  4. Gary Post author

    Seen the same many times…worst site I ever worked on was an STS site on which the “designer” has used hundreds of template files to achieve what could be done with a few php switches. I found that people who don’t know osCommerce tend to over-copmplicate things, whereas those people who do know osCommerce tend to get the job done as unobtrusively as possible, changing as little core as they can.

    Maybe the new forum will be used, we will see. Suppose I just need to let people know really. Might have to spam the osc forum 😉

  5. Jan Z

    And you already have your first spammer on the forum 🙂

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