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By | July 1, 2009

My Makeover Service is proving to be a big hit so I am putting the price up from $200 to $250 with effect from today, 1st July. However, for anyone who orders this service until friday, I will charge the $200 price.

You can read more about my makeover service. I’m doing 10 or 12 of these per month, and really it’s the same price as you pay for a template from the like of Template Monster – but what you get with my makeover is a uniquely designed site that only you have – rather than some poorly coded piece of rubbish that perhaps 1000 other stores are using!

My latest makeover

The latest makeover I made went from a standard grey osc shop to a much nicer looking shop. I recoded a number of the modules to make them standardised throughout the shop (eg the new_products contentbox is the same theme as the specials.php page, which is the same as the what’s new infobox and so on). I recoded the categories box to output nicely, without subcategories. I then removed a column and added some things in the header area (shopping cart, languages, currency selection). Also added the logo across the header along with a language dependent banner and the search facility. Then I came up with a whole new colour scheme for the site. It turned out really well!

Here’s an idea of the new look;

So, how do I do the work?

First step is for you to make a deposit of 50% – I then book out a full day in my diary. I ask you for any sites that you like the look of and for your prefered colour scheme. I download your site and make a mirror on my localhost and then make the necessary design changes to your files. Once complete I upload ONLY the changed files to your live site – now your new design is LIVE!

In this way I can ensure that there is ZERO downtime on your live site and I can ensure that any contributions you have already loaded are not affected by my changes! You now pay the remaining fee. After about a week, we (that’s me and you, the client) revisit the site to see if you want any changes made.


Email me on oscshops@gmail.com – and remember the $200 price is good until friday.

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