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By | August 19, 2008

You did a truly wonderful job!! The credit card images are great, I just love how that looks, and the add on for the specials is awesome. I am so happy that I found you in the forums, and I will definitely call on you first in the future if I need anything else done. I would recommend you a hundred times over, you are worth every penny. Thanks again for the makeover.

The above quote is a real email that I received after completing a makeover…

There must be thousands of osCommerce based sites out there that are either standard installation (the awful grey theme) or have just a couple of colour changes in the stylesheet.

Each time I check new additions to the Top 100 list there are at least 5 such sites – and I have to tell you that none of them get set live!

So, what I’d like to introduce is a new service I am offering called “osCommerce Makeover“. Basically I will take a standard (or close to standard) osCommerce shop and make appropriate changes so that it is better looking and more functional.

In a typical osCommerce shop, I would suggest that the following list would be fairly standard of the service offered;

1. Come up with new colour scheme to suit the products that you are selling.
2. Implement colour scheme via stylesheet
3. Remove left or right column
4. Nuke useless infoBoxes and move others appropriately
5. Make text larger
6. Implement fixed or fluid set-width and create a background or shadowed image
7. Implement some jQuery (javascript/ajax) to make things more intuitive for your shoppers
8. Pretty up the infoBoxes to suit the theme of the makeover
9. Shorten the checkout procedure and make more logical for your shoppers
10. Other small bits and pieces to pretty the whole thing up

As you can see, some major changes and some minor ones – all done with design & usability in mind.

The Cost

The cost of this service is just $250 (however, please note that this price does not include installation of any existing contributions, I would create any needed as part of the theme).

How It Works…

I take a 50% deposit from you which enables me to book your makeover into my diary. At the same time I inspect your site and come up with some ideas for you based on what I see.

Once I get your agreement on changes to be made, I carry out the work as per my diary schedule. When I have completed the agreed works, you pay the other 50%.

Get in touch…

For further discussions or to book a spot in my diary, please email me on oscshops@gmail.com – I’m expecting this service to prove very popular, so if I do not get back to you same day, know that I will get back to you ASAP.

My aim for this service is to get each site I modify to at least a good enough standard to be added into the Top 100 list.

Other options

It’s only fair that I mention other options. One is to go to the likes of Template Monster and buy a template – downside of this is the fact that others will be using the same template and a major downside is that Template Monster use non-standard code in their oscommerce templates. Another option is to DIY – but I am guessing that people looking for a makeover service won’t have the knowledge to be able to do this…

6 thoughts on “osCommerce Makeover Service

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  3. Gary Post author

    Had a few emails regarding makeover recently; the price is now at $250. Which is far cheaper for a unique one-off look than anywhere else…

  4. Will

    Hi Gary,

    Sorry if it’s the wrong place to post this, but are you good in AJAX?
    If so, I would need your help/services.


  5. Gary Post author

    Will – send me an email outlining what you need. Gary

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