osCommerce on localhost Tutorial

By | May 12, 2008

I just finished up the “osCommerce on localhost” package and it has been tested by a handful of people.  So I’d like to introduce the “osCommerce on localhost” tutorial over at oscbooks.com

This package auto installs the following onto your windows computer:

  • PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin
  • osCommerce
  • osCommerce with STS

Already got an osCommerce Store online?

The tutorial shows how to take a “live shop” (let’s say one that’s been running for a few months or years) and mirror it exactly on “localhost” – what this does is give you your own store on which you can make as many changes as you like safe in the knowledge that your “live shop” is not going to break because of your coding errors.  Or maybe you want to try to install a contribution but don’t want your site showing errors whilst you are doing it?  Or maybe a re-design is in order?  Do it on your home computer, then MIRROR it onto your live site!

Or are you a “newbie” to osCommerce?

Well now you can test out osCommerce as much as you like without having to purchase a domain name or hosting.  Once you are happy with it, it’s simple to mirror image the “localhost” site to a “live” site by simply following my directions.

I would post more, but you might just as well go to the oscbooks site and have a read of exactly what is contained in the package.


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