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By | May 26, 2008

I had a few emails over the past days asking just how easy it is to install the new package of PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache, osCommerce and osCommerce STS…

Rather than answer all those emails individually, I decided to make a video showing just how easy it is!

It’s about a 3 minute video as it shows everything from the time you download out .zip file to getting osCommerce AND osCommerce STS up and running! Just over 3 minutes start to finish – that’s getting everything up and running INCLUDING osCommerce and osCommerce STS !

The .zip file is for Windows users – sorry Mac people and Linux users. The included Tutorial also shows how to take an existing LIVE site and mirror it onto your home computer.

It’s my opinion, that now it is so easy to get osCommerce up and running on your own Home Copmputer, every osCommerce user should be using this package! Doesn’t matter whether this is your first ever go at osCommerce (saves you buying a domain name and hosting until you are ready) or if you already have a live osCommerce site (allowing you to make changes without affecting your LIVE site until you are ready).

What else could this package be used for?

Maybe you are wanting to have someone work on your site?
Download this package, mirror your live site and send it onto your designer/developer. Get them to work on your site, and send you the files back once they are ready – never have your live site broken whilst developers/designers are working on it.

Maybe you are a designer/developer who wants to have your customer be able to see what you have made so far?
Easy! Just grab this package, make your changes, and send to your customers…let’s your customers see the work you’ve done without you having to upload 1000s of osCommerce files!

Maybe you just want to test osCommerce?
Grab the package and try it out! What could be easier. No need to install anything…

So, let’s look at those steps again…

1. Unzip and extract the package we supply to your desktop
2. Double click the Server Start icon
3. Start using osCommerce on your own Home Computer!

Easy as 1 2 3 !

Get this package!

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