osCommerce rc3 – more new features!

By | March 14, 2010

Just sparked up the latest rc3 and notice some more new features;

This shows the latest osCommerce Addons. You can subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on the orange button. I don’t know if this is much use, as the addons area is a complete mess with all sorts of rubbish being added (such as updates that do nothing, support requests and so on).

Latest osCommerce News box. Kind of interesting to have so long as it will be regularly updated by ALL of the team! By regular, I mean at least a couple of times a week.

Version and Update checker. Again, an interesting possibility to allow people to easily see if an update is available. The only real problem is that it’s impossible to update an osC store at this moment unless it is completely standard and unchanged – and who runs an unmodified osC store? Anyone?? Well yes, but not many! However, with future updates in mind (hooks รก la WordPress maybe?) this will be a good addition.

osCommerce is moving forward!

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