osQuantum – is it all over?

By | April 14, 2010

Over at the osQuantum Forum, there have been rumblings of discontent based on the lack of updates regarding the release of the osQuantum cart…

Today, vGer has posted a summary of where the osQuantum project is, and it’s not sounding good…

Leadership (mine) has been lacking. I fully admit to that. I have a long-standing illness which sometimes flares up and gets much worse. That situation has become permanent and not temporary. I have been running at half steam or less since around October of last year.

Pass on the Leadership to someone who can handle it! Easy?

We haven’t been able to get the coding done which we would have hoped to get done by now, and this is why we cannot give a release date. We have been doing our best to bring new highly qualified coders into the team, but so far have not been successful and so this is delaying us.


We have brought two new people into the Team who are proving to be very useful team members – James Wilkins and David Graham – but we do need some highly qualified coders in MVC and OOP programming.

What can I say? There are no decent coders on the osQuantum team since the departure of Chemo. Is it possible that the problems of last year have tainted the project with regards to bringing in new talent?

We are fully aware of the people who have been supporting us and waiting developments, but all I can tell you is that we have been doing all we can given our limited resources.

It’s very easy to open the codebase to everyone, then allow those users to contribute to development. Github is a very useful tool, also SVN as well as other options for this.

With a closed codebase, it’s surely impossible to move forwards.

I wonder if a working codebase even exists at this point – any of the osQuantum team like to show me some code?

8 thoughts on “osQuantum – is it all over?

  1. Henri

    Hardly surprising, the project was doomed from the start. Too many ego’s not enough coding talent, not to mention the whole name stealing attempt. Will be one project I wont be shedding any tears over

  2. Gary Post author

    @ the user on , 71-217-1-76.tukw.qwest.net
    use your real name & email address, you pussy, then your comment[s] will get authorised.

  3. i2Paq

    I see that the osQuantum websites are down, vapoware is a fact!

  4. Gary Post author

    Looks like it’s all over. Would have liked to see what they could come up with.

  5. i2Paq

    Yep, true.

    But the start of the project was wrong from the beginning.

    Maybe a lot of support but, as said before, no coders.

  6. Matti

    Dead… gone… history.

    So… who wants to start another one?? Yii Framework 🙂

  7. Gary Post author

    Pretty sure it was cancer. Haven’t heard anything more than that, and that was some time ago.

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