28d 2018 Day 6 – Product Terms

28d 2018 Day 6 – Product Terms The basis of this system is to allow the Shopowner to easily add data to products, which when clicked popup more information. Displays like this (easily changeable): And when any of the buttons are clicked: On the Admin Side, there is a new page for adding the data:… Read More »

28d 2018 Day 5 – Back To Top & Continue Shipping

These two modules were made by request and are quite straightforward in what they do. They both add in a Button… Back To Top This one is good if on a small device where there is a lot of vertical scrolling. This button appears after a certain amount of scrolling. Simply tap the button to… Read More »

28d 2018 Day 4 – Index News Slider

28d 2018 Day 4 – Index News Slider This day allows you to add in News into a news/blog system that I built a while back (which you get as part of this days deal). I then extended it to show a Responsive Slider system on your shops front page. In a Large View: In… Read More »

28d 2018 Day 3 – Reviews Data

28d 2018 Day 3 – Reviews Data I wanted to better display the Reviews, so I made a little module to show the ratings. It obviously only shows if a Product has at least one review. The Shop Side looks like this: The Admin Side looks like this: Type of Module This is a Content… Read More »

28d 2018 Day 2 – Product Tabs

28d 2018 Day 2 – Product Tabs This is a product_info Content module that adds in a Tabbed Layout on the page. It requires child modules of which I supplied two; Product Name [this one likely will never be used, it is made only to showcase the system Product Description It looks like this: On… Read More »

28d 2018 Day 01 – Better Stock Message

28d 2018 Day 01 – Better Stock Message Changes the “in/out stock” message on shopping cart from this: To this: This change is, in my opinion, better as it gives more information to the Customer. Admin Side You can even add a generic “lead time” for getting more stock in. Type of Module This is… Read More »

GDPR for osCommerce – shop side

This is a continuation post, please also see “GDPR for osCommerce part 1“ In the previous post we talked about allowing the Shopowner to get consent from customers and saw an easy way to get that consent. In this post I’m going to look at providing a mechanism on the Shop Side to allow the… Read More »

Responsive osCommerce. Frozen and Archived

Frozen After some four and a bit years, I have officially Frozen the Responsive Build. There are still broken things and outdated things and things that should not exist, but they are what they are and I’m not putting in any more hours on it, so they stay broken and outdated. Archived, pending Deletion I… Read More »

GDPR for osCommerce – my take on it, part 1

I’m not going to explain what GDPR is, I am 110% certain that everyone reading this has been inundated with those emails and done their own reading…instead, over the next few posts, I am going to show you my take on GDPR; 1. Turn off unwanted Customer Details admin > configuration > customer details 2.… Read More »

28 Days Of Code, 2018 Version…

After a break last year, it is returning! I already have about 20 bits and pieces of code ready to go. I have another one in the final stages of being tested. And I have some ideas for 2 or 3 more… If you have an idea for a small or medium piece of code… Read More »