Order Summary on checkout_success.php

Here’s a nice little module that adds in a very basic “order summary” on the checkout_success.php page. It’s a content module, so is super simple to install, just upload and turn on in admin! It looks like this: To use this, you’ll need to be on the Responsive version, either Gold or Edge, does not… Read More »

View Orders – Quick Links

This one adds a list of orders to the “My Orders” portion of account.php – which makes it much easier for your customers to find their previous orders. NO CORE CODE CHANGES. Upload, Turn On, DONE! Good for GOLD, Good for EDGE In an out of the box Responsive osCommerce, that piece of account.php looks… Read More »

Testimonials Box.

Another one to allow you chaps to support the Project. Received overnight; would love a box like the review box to show random testimonials And so, here it is. A new sidebox module that shows a random testimonial from your site…which installs just like any other box; upload, go into admin, turn it on. NO… Read More »

Dropdown Search. Help support the Project.

New Navbar Module which introduces a dropdown search. This is good for EDGE which has the Core Modular Navbar. Simply upload the new files and go into admin and turn it on. Done. Looks like this in the Navbar: And when the search icon is clicked: And in the Admin Area; So, as you can… Read More »

HTML Email in osCommerce … professional

So, there are some older (and new!) addons that support the use of HTML in outgoing emails. All are outdated or just half thought out in terms of function. Introducing the ultimate in HTML Emails capability… With just one tiny change…here’s the type of emails your shop could be sending to your customers…how professional does… Read More »

Tiny Investment … to optimise your osCommerce shop

For a tiny investment of £19 (approx $25, approx Euro 22), you can optimise your (bootstrapped) osCommerce shop in the following ways; 1. All new Social Icon system Proven system that replaces the stock Social Icons. Speeds up your site. 2. Popup Boxes Two versions of Popup boxes (uses Bootstrap Modal). Exit box (ask why… Read More »

Getting ready for 2.4

2.4 will be based on the excellent Community Responsive version, with a few extra changes to accomodate todays needs in terms of codebase. It is not going to be a full OOP codebase, that is coming in v3. Put simply; LOOK/THEME You can expect v2.4 to LOOK just like the Community Responsive. UNDERLYING CODE There… Read More »

Better Social Icons

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed the Social Share box on a standard osCommerce, it looks like this: 2.3.4 2.3.4 Responsive With the ability in Admin to turn on and off share links, which I’ll call “widgets”. So far so good. What you probably don’t realise is that these “widgets” also load a lot… Read More »

Product Info Modules

In the latest osCommerce incarnation, it is very simple to create standalone modules which are installable and editable from within the Admin section, this means no core code changes to install addons that add “flavour” to a page. Let’s take a closer look at some modules that are available for the product_info (p_i) page –… Read More »

Pizza Shop – Collection of Modules

Although osCommerce is usually used for selling products which are then sent to the buyer by post, it is possible to use osCommerce for establishments such as Pizza Shops or restaurants. If we think about a Pizza Shop, which allows online ordering, we see a few features that most other shops don’t want or need;… Read More »