Spotlight Special

Super cool idea today from a long-standing osC client. He wanted a way to select a product from his range of products on special offer, and then to “showcase” that chosen product on the front page of his site. Thankfully this client is pretty up to date so is using the Responsive osCommerce version which… Read More »

Sticky Mini Navbar

I often get inspiration from the most unlikely of sources. Today a spammer signed up at the osCommerce Forum and I followed the link back to his site (which is powered by Magento). One particular part of this guys site stood out for me, and that is a “sticky” navigation bar, which has two main… Read More »

Mailchimp Users: Update you integration to v3 API

Mailchimp are sunsetting their v2 API at the end of THIS MONTH. As of December 31, 2016 all previous versions of the MailChimp API will no longer be supported, but will continue to be operational. Documentation and support for the older APIs will no longer be available. As such, we can no longer guarantee the… Read More »

Getting Reviews is easy…when you make it easy

TL;DR – make it easy for customer to give you reviews. Just to give you an idea, these are REAL REVIEWS of this Key System, from REAL SHOPOWNERS; Since started using it I have about 20 new reviews in just over a week which I think you will agree is a great outcome. A year… Read More »

Content Module: Manufacturers Sliding Carousel

The next module on offer is my Manufacturers Sliding Carousel which is Content Module for your homepage. This module takes your manufacturer icons and links them to each manufacturers page. They are displayed in a sliding carousel, which is set up appropriately for you on initial install – but can be manually changed very easily.… Read More »

Dashboard Module: New and Returning Customer

A nice dashboard showing new and returning customer Stats. There are no core code changes, just upload it and turn it on! You can select the type of chart to display and how far back you want the stats to calculate. A new customer is defined as someone who first signed up to your shop… Read More »

Delivery Date Selector

This one add a delivery date selector into the checkout_success page; and adds an extra tab onto the admin/orders.php page (which, da da daaa, shows the selected date); All with ZERO Core Code changes. Want it? Contact me on the osCommerce Forum. Thank You. GOOD FOR: UP TO DATE Edge (has the tabbed orders page… Read More »

Write A Testimonial

Responsive osCommerce has had Testimonials functionality built in since Gold days. In Edge, that was updated quite significantly. A testimonial is different to a Product Review, as a testimonial is more about the overall experience of using the site and services the shopowner offers. Let’s make it easier for customer to write a testimonial… 1.… Read More »

Popup Shopping Cart in Navbar

How about a Navbar link that when clicked opens up a popup shopping cart? Looks good I think. It’s a very simple install with no Core Code changes, just unzip, upload, go into admin and turn on. It’s pretty much a direct replacement for the standard Cart Navbar Module. Want it? Contact me on the… Read More »

OOS (Out Of Stock) module for product_info

Some shopowners might like to show products that are out of stock, but not have them available to add to cart. This module updates the product_info.php page to enable that. So, if product_stock is set to zero this is what normally shows: Buy button exactly as per standard Responsive osC, out of the box. With… Read More »