MySQL Server DOWN – oh no!

In the official osCommerce Forum I got into bit of a conversation with a Store Owner, part of the conversation was all about what happens if your MySQL server goes down whilst the webserver is still up and running. For those who don’t know, MySQL runs on it’s own little server as part of the… Read More »

Make A Comment, Ask A Question

When you are making a comment (on this blog) or asking a question (by email), please follow these “rules”; Be polite.  Goes without saying. Ask your question (or make your comment) usefully.  Ask your question giving as much detail as you can, if it would help to show a URL, please do so.  If you… Read More »

Horrible or Awesome #2 – Thumbnail Images

Why would you want to speed up load times for slow connections, or make your pictures look better? Good looking images are the sign of professionalism and class, and you surely don’t want your site to have either of those. Sure, successful shop owners say better images sell more products, but you don’t have to… Read More »

What Category are you looking at?

Sometimes you are not able to tell which Category you are looking at as the template that you are using might have changed (or even removed!) the Categories infobox. I’ve seen a few sites which use a horizontal dropdown menu (eg Easy Menu) which looks good, but takes away the visual representation of where you… Read More »

FishEye Menu in osCommerce

I’ve been trying to break away from the standard “header, footer, 3 column grey layout” that osCommerce ships with out of the box. I find that particular look awful – and I would never buy a product from such a store. After all, if the Store Owner is too lazy to change the layout a… Read More »

Horrible or Awesome #1 – Leave the layout stock

Leave the layout stock Because after all, if it wasn’t the best layout of all time then why did they distribute it as ‘stock’ in the first place? Never mind that your site will look like every other lazy guy who decided that product presentation was overrated. Never mind that it has no flow, coherence,… Read More »

osCommerce and Template Monster

Almost every day, there is someone in the official osCommerce Forum who is moaning about how they bought a pre-made osCommerce template from Template Monster. Template Monster have loads of osCommerce designs available, but 99% of them are based on outdated osCommerce code.  The outsourced programmers used by Template Monster to integrate the designs have… Read More »

Version 1.1 of Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers for RC osCommerce

Just a quick post to let readers know that I have released version 1.1 of my Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers contribution for RC releases of osCommerce. This version fixes 1 bug in checkout_confirmation.php and includes a whole file that I forgot to include in the first version – checkout_process.php For discussion/support, please see… Read More »

HOW TO: make just 1 infobox a different style

There are lots of ways to make osCommerce look different. Here is 1 way to make 1 infoBox look different to the rest – it’s easy – and is done using a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) “trick”… Step 1: decide which infoBox to change In this example, I’m going to change the look of the… Read More »