New Sexy Admin Area

I just created a new Sexy Looking Admin Area for osCommerce RC1. It’s untested on any other osCommerce platform.

It changes the look of the Admin from this:


To This:


As you can see, quite a difference! It’s a 1 minute install, just overwrite your base RC1 files with the files contained in the .zip – but remember that if you have made changes in your Admin files, and you overwrite them – those changes will be lost! So if you have made changes, it’s probably best to not to install this, unless you have a bit of knowledge of CSS 😉

You can download it from the official osCommerce contributions area.

Beautiful Template for RC2

Here’s a really nice template made specifically for osCommerce RC2;


Read more.

Lots of people have been asking about this template – to cut a long story short, all you need to do is upload a new RC, then upload a few more files (supplied in the template zip file). Done! It changes quite a few files and the look is created mainly via stylesheet changes.

It’s well worth the small cost – especially if you intend to use osCommerce “out of the box” with that awful gray colour scheme…


Stripos used in RC2

In one place, stripos is used in RC2.  Stripos is PHP5 only, so many shops will break when used on a host that is not up-to-date.

The solution is to find every instance of stripos, and change it to strpos (which is backwards PHP compatible).  I believe the only code you will need to change is in the file;

admin/backup.php around line 252.

Tableless Design: Power Factory

This site, posted today in the feedback forum of the official osCommerce Forum is  promoted as a “table less” and “completely remade to css” design.

Although that’s not quite true (there are some tables), it’s a massive improvement on the normal osCommerce, and well worth looking at (under the bonnet).

Check it out:  POWER FACTORY 

HOW TO: show number of products in cart

Shwoing the number of products in osCommerce cart is very simple;

echo $cart->count_contents();

This will show the total number of items in a persons cart.

You can go further with this and say something like;

You have <?php echo $cart->count_contents(); ?> items in your cart.

But this will not be grammatically correct if only 1 item is in the cart, In this case we say;

You have <?php echo $cart->count_contents(); ?> <?php echo $cart->count_contents() == “1” ? “item ” : “items ” ; ?> in your cart.

Now the code will determine whether to say “item” or “items” depending upon the number of items in the cart.