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By | August 22, 2008

Troi asks;

In the checkout payment area of OS I have two radio buttons coming up. one for paypal and one for money order, cheque and bank details.

I just want to split the radio buttons .. so there’s one for each. I did find info on this at one point but i can’t bloody find it now 🙂

Troi, sounds like you have two payment modeules installed. 1 for Paypal, and 1 other.

What you need to do is have 3 installed:

1. Paypal
2. Money Order/Cheque
3. Bank Transfer

At some point in the past you or someone else has “merged” the money order and bank module by the sound of it. So you need to unmerge them basically – most like the “merge” is only some language defines that need amending. It’s hard to give more advice without actually viewing your site/files.

Does that help?

5 thoughts on “Payment Module Help

  1. Troi

    I didn’t merge them.. I think at one point i’ve commented out the code because it was extraneous.. I figured well.. either they’l use paypal or they’l want to do a money order/Cheque bank deposit. Since they cannot do all of them. The problem is merely superficial but my client wants it the original way.

  2. Gary Post author

    Morning Troi

    In that case, the easiest solution would be to grab the payment modules from a new oscommerce download. Turn off the module you already have, then install the new ones and turn them on (and configure them appropriately).


  3. Troi

    Yeah that brings up another problem… I deleted something in the admin area that allows me to see the install/uninstall buttons.

    My client has full access to admin so he can add products.. but i didn’t want him messing about with other areas or accidentally changing something.

    NOW I can’t figure out which page it was where the install/uninstall modules are so i can restore the pages with an original copy…. I did this site 8 months ago.. and have forgotten some things i did. (Should have taken more notes… Arrrrrgghhhh)

    Cheerz Gary

  4. Gary Post author

    Troi – if you want me to sort it out I can. It’s what I specialise in 😉 Email me, my address is up there ^

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