Project for today 28 June 2012

By | June 28, 2012

Today and tomorrows project is to fix up a shop that a developer upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3.1. Lots of little things are broken and these all need to be put right. In addition the site owner has some other things that need attention which the developer could not handle.

In general, I need to fix the admin area as it has been templated, and the template used is very hard to look at. Also fix a problem in the product_attributes page. Whos_online does not display correctly so that needs attention. Emails are not working on create_account or contact_us. Security needs to be looked at (I can already see a couple of problems here). And a payment module is not working in the way that the shopowner requires.

And lastly a new function to allow the shopowner to set a minimum buy quantity on a per product basis. There are a couple of addons that can handle this, but I’ll make my own as it will be quicker.

All in all, the type of job that I enjoy. Solving lots of little problems, whilst being given a free hand to solve them in any way I want. Should be interesting.

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