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By | September 17, 2014

Imagine you own a shop where you need to enforce the purchase of a particular product if certain other products have been purchased. For example;

  • you want to enforce gift wrapping at Xmas time
  • you sell items that need to be dispatched in dry ice
  • you sell mobile phones and want to also enforce a warranty purchase
  • I am sure you can think of many more scenarios

With a bit of thinking this is now a reality…with NO core code edits at all.

Introducing the “Required Products” module…


In this example I have said “if the person attempts to buy product 20 or product 21” ENFORCE “product 12” also. In a demo osCommerce, this is saying “enforce a purchase of “die hard with a vengeance” if person buys 1 or more of “beloved” or “swat 3”.


Video of the system in action

As you can see it is IMPOSSIBLE to check out if there is a need for an enforced product.

Best thing: NO core code edits, just drop in a new module, set up the enforcement list and forget about it.

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