Reviews Ticker, jQuery and osCommerce

By | December 8, 2010

Spent a few moments looking around the net this morning for an easy to install “News Ticker” coded using jQuery. Ended up at the site of Alex Francois who has put together a nice little script that does exactyl what is needed.

Here is what I wanted to achieve which is a ticker inside the black area underneath some other info (obviously the info in the image is “placeholder” text, so just ignore that);

Step 1 was to follow the instructions as laid out by Alex.

Step 2 was to code up 2 lines of osCommerce standardised code to grab the reviewers name and the first few words of the review text, then link it to the relevant product;

Step 3 was to refresh the page and see it in action;

Quite nice, I think.

One thought on “Reviews Ticker, jQuery and osCommerce

  1. Xpajun

    Have you been reading my mind…?

    I’ve been thinking about one in the header for “latest news”

    Another good idea from you

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