RIP and YNWA Bobby Easland aka Chemo

Robert R. Easland Jr., “Bobby,” 34, of Florence, formerly of Radcliff, died Monday, June 14, 2010, at his home in Florence.

Though I regularly disagreed with his strident viewpoint I will miss his input into osCommerce and osQuantum. A very sad loss for us all.

I know nothing of his family, but would like to say that my thoughts are with them at this very difficult time.

Rest In Peace, Chemo, You'll Never Walk Alone.

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  • jared

    Sad. A couple of years ago he told me that he didn't have much time left. I guess he wasn't kidding. He'll be missed.

  • i2Paq

    Never knew he was ill.

    Just heard today that his nickname (maybe) came from his illness.

    What I heard he left a wife and daughter.

  • Peter Bernard

    It is very sad news, he was a great guy. My heart goes out to his family. Here is the notice, thanks to Matti for sending it to me.

  • bkellum

    Too young which makes it very sad. A great mind.

  • James Hande

    Oh my…

    I didn't know Bobby but have seen all his contribution work for osC. He seemed like a very giving person, always helping. What a tragidy, to be gone at only 34.

    My thoughts and prayers to those he left behind.

  • chris

    R.I.P. Bobby, you make grate works.

  • RonK

    I talked with Bobby almost daily. I miss him dearly. His help, insights will never be matched by anyone else. He was my mentor. I wish I could repay him for all his generous support given freely to me and my projects.
    Goodbye chemo!
    OMG, I miss your voice, your laughs on the phone!