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By | October 20, 2008

A question found on one of the freelance sites;

Hello, I am seeking an OSCOMMERCE programmer to adjust our shopping cart so it will only accept orders from Canadian customers. The shop only ships products to Canadian addresses at this time.

However, at some future date we will allow the shopping cart to ship to USA customers.

Thus, we need a solution where we can easily enable and disable shipping to other countries.

Solution we are seeking

(1) Plugin or module or configuration to easily enable and disable orders from customers in designated countries (i.e. Canada Orders Only).

(2) Plugin or module or configuration to easily enable and disable shipping to designated countries (i.e. Canada Shipping Only).

(3) Customers should not be able to choose any other countries when signing up. Canada should be the only selection for now. But we want to be able to easily enable orders from other countries in the future.

Completely obvious – all that needs to be done here is remove all the countries (except Canada) from the countries list. This is done in the admin section of your osCommerce shop, or can be done very quickly using PHPMyAdmin. That’s 10 minutes work via Admin or 30 seconds work via PHPMyAdmin.

When America (or any other country) is needed to be added, just add it back into the same list. That’s 30 seconds work.

Garys Comment

I’m surprised that people try to look for solutions that are not easy. If you always choose the simplest option, it will cost you less, it will be easier to fix when things go wrong and it will be easily portable when you need to update you shop.

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