Shipping Module powered by CSV

By | March 7, 2012

Approached recently to quote for building a shipping module, powered by a CSV file.

The CSV file

Contains 4 pieces of information;

postcode, shipping_cost, amount at which shipping becomes free, courier name

The CSV file can consist of thousands of such entries.

Shipping Module (Shop)

This reads the CSV and outputs the necessary information;

Shipping Module (Admin)

Is pretty much the same as any other shipping module. Other than the store owner can set up a “default” courier, cost etc just in case the postcode cannot be found in the CSV file.

All in all, quite a nice little project!

I’m pretty sure that this will (at some point) make it into the addons area at osCommerce as this client specifically required the files in a format that would allow him to contribute it.

The Cherry on the Cake

How about a little feature in the shopping_cart.php page to show a shipping estimation? Well, that was done as well;

Here you can also see the message that it’s only another $50 or so to get free shipping…

Video in Action

3 thoughts on “Shipping Module powered by CSV

  1. Paul

    This is what I mentioned we had with Magento, a mod called MatrixRate, so will be a useful addon.

    Would it accept a * to stop you having to get a list of every postcode, so for example could you say GL* = Local Delivery @ £2.99, all other postcodes (*) = £3.99?

  2. Gary Post author

    Hi Paul – it won’t accept a * – it’s coded pretty simply to match the exact input…I guess it could be reworked.

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