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By | May 2, 2013

One of my North American clients required the ability to add their products to Shop To It.

What is Shop To It ?

Shop To It is pretty much a shopping comparison service used almost exclusively by Canadians. Vendors can upload their products, prices etc and buyers can hunt down the items they need, click through to the vendors site and make the purchase.

There is no addon made for Shop To It that works in a proper fashion, and so I emailed a canadian colleague to enquire as to whether he had already created something – no response.

I set out to create a new Shop To It feed creator from scratch. Within a half day I had the basics sketched taking hints from the Shop To It developers area – and another half day to clean up the code led to a system where I grab all the required data, insert it into a CSV file, which is uploaded into Shop To It.

The CSV file contains all sorts of product data, including name, price, stock, sale price, options and attributes, description, short description and more. It takes around 12 seconds to create a CSV file for 3000 products (remembering that most of these products have multiple attributes to deal with). Not bad.


So, now for less than a minutes work once per week or so, the Shop Owner can upload a feed into Shop To It, keeping on top of all his products without fuss. This stunning little script has already paid for itself, just by getting a couple of new clients spending money at his shop.

Sell into the Canadian market?

Do you sell into the Canadian market? Want to purchase the Shop To It feed module? Contact me.

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