Should I use the new v3 osCommerce?

By | March 15, 2009

Ellie asks;

…finally version 3 of osc is available, so should I upgrade my existing store?

That’s kind of a tough question, as the new v3 osCommerce is much better than previous versions of osCommerce. It’s leaner, meaner and faster. The codebase is changed a lot from the previous versions…

However, this update has caused problems, almost all (if not ALL) contributions will not work with the new version. In addition, the templating system being used is not at all straightforward, so it will be very difficult to change the default install to match whatever your store looks like now (assuming it’s not “out of the box” osCommerce already)…

So, my advice:

Avoid v3 of osCommerce until some of the more important contributions have been updated!

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8 thoughts on “Should I use the new v3 osCommerce?

  1. jared

    I agree. The release notes say that the internal structure is still undergoing changes, so anyone who implements a shop now will either have to go through the hassle to upgrade to the “full release” version at some point, or spend the time and money to do one-off installs of every add-on or contribution they want.

    I just can’t see contribution developers spending much more effort on this release of v3 than they have on previous releases of v3. There are a lot of developers now to barely have enough time to keep up with support on their contribs that are released for v2.2. Why would these folks intentionally create a new version that they know will either get soon(ish) confused by another osC release with structural changes they’ll have to account for?

  2. Juan

    A lot of new features and changes, but below Magento/Prestashop/Etc…. 🙁

  3. Gary Post author

    Jared – agreed. It’s a little different for me as I charge for my “bigger” modifications, so it makes it a little easier to support my stuff personally. However, I won’t be doing anything to all my contributions available for free as there’s no way I want to spend my time on too much stuff.

    Juan – Magento is unusable in a production environment. I have no experience with Prestashop so cannot say if osc3 is better or worse.

    I’ve spent this morning playing with the new codebase – it’s a lot more complicated to do simple things (eg add in a language “define”)…but all in all, v3 is a HUGE step forward compared to 2.2. Still say “do not use in a real shop” though!

  4. Juan

    Yes. Magento is unusable, but has great features, I’m developing some of them in my site.

    i.e. Category Design: Theme, Descriptions & Images

  5. enigma1

    I wanted to point out, the few contributions that were available for the MS3 A4 release, were deleted from the osC forum. That does not encourage community members to create new ones or port existing ones to the MS3 A5.

  6. enigma1

    One other thing I am noticing with the v3 forums is the answers many posters getting using v3 summed up like:

    “It’s not in production, don’t use it”

    I think, it’s the worst thing to say for the new framework as it forces new users to look elsewhere and not necessarily into v2.2.

    IMO there is lack of moderation with the v3 forums and some action is required. If members cannot answer a question for v3 then don’t touch the post. And moderators should clean up the mixed up questions that belong in v2.

    Even in the contribution threads there are some who basically discourage users from using v3 mods by getting in-between technical questions proposing v2. Same happens even for v2.2. It’s really sad. If it was going like this between v2.1 and v2.2 the 2.2 would never taken off and contributions would never be used.

    If you want to use v3, go ahead and use it like it is in production. Because going like this, it will never be in production. Updates and new conrtibs is an ongoing thing.

  7. Jan Z

    The thing is that the v3 on github is so much different from the latest alpha that at this point in time it is really not advisable to use v3. Wait at least for the next release.

  8. Gary Post author

    The problem here is in the organisation of osCommerce – frankly it sucks! What happens now appears to be HPDL thinking of an idea then implementing it in the wrong way. There appears to be no planning as to what goes on, it is all haphazard.

    2.3 should be released within the next week, which brings to an end (hopefully) the 2.0 product. Then 100% of HPDL’s and Mark’s efforts can be spent on 3.0, when we see a version that is at least 75% usable on a live site, I’ll start to use it.

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