Sticky Mini Navbar

By | January 6, 2017

I often get inspiration from the most unlikely of sources. Today a spammer signed up at the osCommerce Forum and I followed the link back to his site (which is powered by Magento). One particular part of this guys site stood out for me, and that is a “sticky” navigation bar, which has two main components;

On the left hand side: “Got Questions? Contact Us”
On the right hand side: “X Checkout”

The reason why I liked this is because it is always in the face of the shopper. A particular problem of Responsive design is to allow a theme to easily be used by a range of devices from tiny phones to large desktops…this sticky navbar solved what I perceive as a problem. Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve come up with:

This navbar stays open all the time even at XS size. This means that it is easy to find at all times for the person who has questions or wants a quick and easy way to checkout (rather than search for the elusive checkout button)…

There are NO CORE CODE CHANGES. Simply upload, go into Admin and install. DONE!

Let me know what you think??

Want it?

Contact me on the osCommerce Forum. Thank You.

GOOD FOR: Responsive (Community Edition) osCommerce Gold or Edge.