STS Template To Buy?

By | September 23, 2008

JD asks;

First of all I wanted to thank you for the useful books you have made on your website.
I purchased already two of your applications for STS-OSC rc2 and package install for local host.

I wanted to ask you if you or someone you know could help me with creating a simple html layout for my OSC store. It’s been really hard to find someone who can make only that part of the whole OSC shopping cart. Let me know if you have anything in mind and what would be the cost (no flashes or anything complicated, just the frame, header, footer, main area, left/right colimn and colors).

Thank You!

I am pretty sure that there is nobody presently making STS templates for osCommerce. The demand for these would be so low that it would be uneconomical in my opinion – though I would love to be proved wrong!

As STS is not needed to make an outstanding design you might like to take a look at my makeover service – if that doesn’t float your boat, then yes I am happy to come up with a STS template – the cost would be about the same as my makeover service.

Cheers Gary

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