Template Monster template – project complete

By | August 11, 2011

Had a potential client contact me who had purchased a Template Monster osCommerce template. “oh no”, thought I. The client had some good ideas to try to make the template less like a template and more to their own design.

The majority of changes took place in the header and footer files (including the template_* files) and I soon came to realise that the 2.3.1 templates from Template Monster are coded just as badly as the older 2.2 templates. Absolutely horrible.

All in all, we did some quite cool things, such as HTML5 image swapping menu, nicer cart in header, search box in header, newsletter sign up in footer, better “guest” welcome messages in header, paypal logo in footer, social icons in footer, new breadcrumb layout and other cosmetic changes to better reflect the company ethos.

A very nice project, and I am quite happy to have recoded quite some portion of the TM code, bringing the template from something that many sites could use, to something that only this particular site will have.

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