Top 100 Update

By | May 3, 2008

Haven’t had an update for a good few weeks, so let’s do that – the Top 100 osCommerce sites;

The Top 5 as at 9am on 3rd may 2008 are;

  1. TexereSilk
  2. Prodotti Tipici e vini piemontesi
  3. Click A Deal
  4. Breast Pumps Store
  5. Arabella Miller

These are the 5 Hottest Stores right now, according to the votes 😉  What do you think?  Agree or Disagree – make your vote now at the osCommerce HOT 100.

New Additions

  1. Custom Fit

Those that didn’t make it

I’m still getting sites submitted that are absolutely crap – please don’t bother submitting if your site has the look of a typical osCommerce site.  If all you have done is made the infoBoxes a different colour or removed a column then your site will not be authorised.  You need to have at least one EXCEPTIONAL design feature…

If you don’t know how to make a good looking site, then use a template!  Anything is better than standard osCommerce!  See here for a design tutorial – I’m tired of having to look at horrible osCommerce sites 🙁

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