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By | April 27, 2013

Twitter Cards are a new(ish) service from Twitter. In a nutshell, they give far more info than the standard 140 characters, including image, product name and other information. This is going to be BIG for promoting your products on Twitter.

How does it work ?

You add extra code (* see below) to your product pages. When someone tweets a link to one of your products, instead of seeing the URL only, they actually auto-post a “card” detailing your product! Everyone who follows the tweeter gets to see the card…

In this way you can present your products on Twitter far more professinally.

Here is a typical “Card”


I’m looking for a couple of Test Guinea Pigs

I’ve coded this up as a 2.3.x Header Tag Module, and am now looking for Testers. In order to be a Tester you need to know the following:

1. Your thumbnail product images must be at least 280px by 280px, or you must create a special Twitter image of 280 by 280 for each product in your shop.
2. Once installed and tested, you must apply for authorisation via Twitter. Which means you have to have a Twitter account. Authorisation takes weeks.

It’s a 2 minute install, but you will need to amend your images or make new images. Interested? Email me.

9 thoughts on “Twitter Cards for osCommerce

  1. arlisabijoux

    Hi Gary….as I already said on the forum I’d like to test this for you, however, now I have a doubt, I believe this may be incompatible with Robert’s KISS IT Image Thumbnailer (which I’m using), due to thumb sizes….can you confirm?

    Another thing, what happens with foreign languages?

  2. oscbooks

    KISS image shouldn’t affect it as I don’t use the tep_image function (which KISS depends upon). For foreign languages, it should pick up the necessary details, so there should be no issue with it.

  3. oscbooks

    Thanks 🙂 It’s definitely going to be the next big thing with Twitter. We can easily get this into the core…

  4. Gary

    I have all the Testers I need now, thanks.

  5. Mort-lemur

    Hi Gary, Love to be a guinea pig for this if you have a version thats suitable for 2.2 Rc2a stores…

  6. Gary

    It’s a header_tag module for 2.3. Could possibly be retro-fitted in your shop.

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