Update on ClubosC Discount Coupon System

By | January 9, 2009

Had more than a few enquiries asking as to the present status on my Discount/Coupon System, so here goes;

It is presently at Version 5.0. Installation is available on any shop, however modified. v5 is suitable for both RC versions of osCommerce and MS versions of osCommerce. It is also suitable for the “osCommerce Project” version of osCommerce.

Admin Side

1. Ability to add Coupons to give a percentage discount
2. Ability to add Coupond to give a fixed amount (money off) discount
3. Ability to set a Minimum Spend (before a Coupon can be activated)
4. Ability to set Multiple Use per Customer
5. Ability to set One Use per Customer
6. Ability to set One Use by one Customer (Coupon automatically deactivates after 1st use)
7. Ability to see all orders made using individual Coupons
8. Ability to see when (date and time) each individual Coupon was last used
9. Ability to see how many times each individual Coupon has been used
10. Coupon amount shows in each individual order
11. (NEW!) Coupons can now have expiry dates

Shop Side

1. Small change in /includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php to show discounted total
2. Coupon input box now in shopping_cart.php (rather than part of the checkout process)
3. Ability to remove a Coupon after it has been applied
4. Coupon discount amount shows in a cleaner format on the Shopping Cart page
5. Coupons now work with Tax calculations
6. Coupon amount shows in the final cost of the purchase
7. Coupon amount shows in Order History

That’s about it. It’s a solidly coded Discount/Coupon System that is fully supported by me.

Future Updates

1. Ability to add Coupon expiry date COMPLETED, see comment below.
2. Add System for purchasing Gift Vouchers

If you would like to have this installed on YOUR shop, please get in touch with me by email, my address is up there ^

57 thoughts on “Update on ClubosC Discount Coupon System

  1. Cassie

    Awesome. Cannot wait for future updates. Also just wanted to let everyone know since getting you to install V5.0 A couple of our customers have commented how much easier it is now inputting the coupons.

  2. Gary Post author

    1. Ability to add Coupon expiry date

    This is now completed and is ready for production use.

  3. Marcus

    Very cool stuff! But where can i download this new contribution?

  4. Gary Post author

    It is available directly from me and I install it for you. The cost of doing this allows me to continue development of this script.

  5. Kellie

    Hi Gary,

    I am just getting started with my OsCommerce store. Wondering if your module is compatible with WP-osCommerce install?

  6. Gary Post author

    Kellie – honest answer is “I don’t know”. If I can find time I will try an install.

  7. ABBY


    Thanks for the great job that you are doing here.I personammy appreciate your altruism here.Very unique.
    Please keep the good job going.

  8. Ben

    Hi I was wondering if I could either get the contribution from you or buy it from you. I would rather not have you install it because I am working on a test version of the OSC site I’m making right now and will most likely have to reinstall it once I move to the real version. Please let me know if we can work something out.

  9. Gary Post author

    Abby – thank you 🙂
    Ben – it is available only installed by me.

  10. ABBY

    I have commissioned Gary to do his tricks with this coupon codes on our site.I will give detailed feedback to you all.I will equally give the Thomases in our midst the strength to give him the commission.I always give unbiased feedback and will not depart from the cultural ethos here.


  11. Ewan

    Hi Gary,
    I am wondering whether your code/system could be used not to give a customer a discount but to track referrals to our website, ie we are wanting to give organizations the opportunity to get a rebate for referring their members to make purchases at our website. Each organization would have its own code to enable us to track referred orders. The website is an implementation of the OsCommerce online merchant but uses a different product display front end. Thanks

  12. Gary Post author

    Ewan – I see no real reason why it could not be used like that…give it a go?

  13. Sala

    I might sound dumb to all of you experts but I’m new and need help. I cant do the coupon thing right. Please let me know how can I fix it. I am willing to share my admin pass if anyone willing to fix this.

    I will truly appreciate this little help which is not little to me.

    Thank you in advance.

  14. Heather

    Hi Gary,
    I’m an idiot! Can you tell me exactly how to add this thingy to my store? And please use small words!

    Thank you,

  15. Gary Post author

    Sala and Heather – follow the instructions provided in the download of v1.2. I offer an installation service for v5 should you be interested, please email me on oscshops@gmail.com

  16. varun

    Hey guys,

    I need your help.What I would like to do is have the discount code and shipping options show up in the beginning of the transaction before a customer has to sign up for an account. Meaning, we have had some customers state that they would like to calculate the amount of shipping and discount they get before they are taken to the “create account screen”. What I would like done is when a customer adds a product to their account, there should be the fields of “discount code” and also all the radio buttons with the shipping options we offer, and then there should be an “update my cart” button. Then a customer can view the total amount and if they want to go thru the checkout phase, then we can re-direct them to the create an account or login page.
    Please give some solution on that.

  17. Gary Post author

    Version 5 of my discount system brings the coupon input box into the shopping cart page.

    I believe there is also a “shipping estimator” contribution floating about somewhere.

  18. Paulo

    congratulations on Clubosc Discount System.I’m loving it!

    Now, how can i use it for giving automatically a dscount coupon
    when new visitors (future costumers – i hope) make their


  19. Pyram

    Hi all,

    Excuse my english, I’m french !
    And I’m new here !!!

    Where can I download this contrib (and all others) ?


  20. Gary Post author

    Pyram – you can download most contributions from the contributions area at the oscommerce.com

    Other contributions are available directly from vendors and you sometimes have to pay a fee.

  21. Jehanne

    I have your “basic” coupon system on my shop which works great – thanks 🙂
    What I am wondering is do you think you will be doing a rewards points module in the near future?
    I had tried to install a good module – from contributions as I figured this will definately help with customer loyalty and returns, but came up with some basic problems as well as paypal module issues (I have standard).
    Some of the issues I have with the module is
    *When person uses points and product value at checkout is $0.00 – I need them to go directly to checkout success as paypal will not process the bill and hence they can’t get to the download page.
    *If that is not possible need a minimum total that will always appear if points are used – so paypal will process the bill and hence direct to download page ( not first choice option as I think customers will be happier to get something for free.)
    *points can be added manually and not automatically but need to be registered in pending
    *would like people of be able to choose how many points they wish to add (not a big
    I am very interested in having this or a reworked version of the current rewards/point osc module. Please email me if you think you are interested. I am willing to pay for it if it will not cost an arm and a leg :)as I really would like to offer this to my customers

  22. Gary Post author

    “do you think you will be doing a rewards points module in the near future?”

    No 🙂

    There is already quite a good one available – all you need to do is bypass payment if the total to pay is zero. That’s certainly doable, and I have no doubt is covered in the osc forum many times.

    An alternative is to disable paypal if total to pay = zero, and enable “cash on delivery” if total = zero. Rename cash on delivery as appropriate (eg “at no cost”) or somesuch.

  23. Steve

    Hi Gary,

    I’ve been searching high and low for this contribution. When I visit the OSCommerce contributions section, the latest version I find of this is version 1.12/1.2 dated Feb 2008.

    I’ve checked through your site, I’ve read through the OSC forums, but I have yet to see where these latest versions of the coupon contribution are.

    Can you help?


  24. Gary Post author

    Steve – is available at a usual cost of $50. Cost covers installation, support and ongoing updates. Email me if interested. Gary

  25. Dave

    This looks exactly what ive been after! Where can I download a version for v2.2 RC2?



  26. Gary Post author

    Hi Dave – v1.2 is available at the oscommerce contributions area (this version comes without any support). v5 is available direct from me at a cost of $50 – price includes installation and support. Cheers, Gary

  27. Gary Post author

    Also now added the ability to give a free shipping coupon.

  28. Felix

    Hi Gary

    I have installed your free contribution and I love it very much – unless I have not been giving away vouchers by now.

    What I would be courious to know: will it be possible to exclude products from the specials (price) section to the use and calculation of the discount? I am somtimes giving 20 to 30% on “retired” items and thus giving an additional discount would result in no margin anymore. I would love to update to the latest version, if you could handle this.

    Best regards

  29. Gary Post author

    Hi, at this moment I have no plans to update the module to exclude specials – but I see no reason other than cost/time why it could not be done. If you are willing to sponsor further development, please email.

    Cheers, Gary

  30. Adrian

    Thanks a lot for the super fast service (answer within a few minutes, very friendly and helpfully and finally installed a few hours later)!!

    I can really recommend you for all shop owners or developers who want this useful and proper working module!


  31. Chad

    This is a great contribution. I’ve been using this for a while now for free MP3 downloads, but I had to do a fix for checkout_confirmation.php because when the order total is $0, PayPal won’t work. I made the confirm checkout button go straight to checkout_process.php and not to PayPal if order total = 0. Of course there’s more to it than that … have to ensure only one item in cart, and that item is a download – this is to keep anyone from using free coupon for something else, or multiple things. In such case, it redirects to an error page with instructions. It’s not elegant, but it works for me!

    I’m wondering about an addition to this that makes the coupon apply to a specific product (or category) only. Maybe someday I’ll get to that. In the meantime, thanks for this contribution!

  32. Gary Post author

    The latest commercial version of this script adds the ability to exclude products/categories.

  33. Robert

    Hi just wondering if this is the updated version to
    GV and DC RC1 RC2 RC2a v1.2? if it is, i would like to implement it. If your people are trying to find a way to make the GV and DC RC1 RC2 RC2a v1.2 work with sppc go here

  34. Gary Post author

    Hi Robert – the v1.2 available as a contribution is the prototype for this. This is only available as a commercial script.

  35. Gary Post author

    The latest version is already released as a commercial script. Do not get “free” and “open source” and “gpl” mixed up. this has been covered in the past on this blog.

    My feeling is that if a person is willing to pay for a script and support, then they are serious about their business. If they are not willing or able to pay for a script, then there are other options (such as not using XYZ script, or using someone elses that is cheaper or realising that their business model is screwed).

    Consider these scripts to be my products. Just like your products in your shop. Would you give yours away for free?

  36. Roy

    Hey all….

    Chad, did you find a module to use so that you can process a zero amount
    in your checkout_confirmation page?

    I really need something like this. Have a Gift module installed but
    if the item is less than the gift, it zero’s out the total and OSC will not
    process a zero amount.

  37. Ravindra

    Hi ,
    where we can download discount coupon code for implement my site. pls send me link. I don’t have discount coupon code.

  38. Gary Post author

    3 is not suitable for a production environment.

  39. Gary Post author

    Processing a zero amount is possible, but needs a reconfiguration of the way that osCommerce works. It’s not an issue with any of the discount modules.

  40. Augusto

    Hey i read through ur post and would like to try out the mod as if like to have a discount coupon option, give me a message when u can. take care

  41. Lindsay

    Where can I find this contribution? I looked on oscommerce and all I found was contribution #4269. Is this one yours? Thanks again!

  42. Gary Post author

    Hi Lindsay, it’s a commercial script funded by installation fee. I believe version 2 of the script is available at the osCommerce add-ons area.

  43. Gary Post author

    Will, I never coded it up yet – the module has not brought in enough income for me to spend more time on it coding that particular piece.

  44. will langford

    That’s too bad. If a shop is running for example free shipping on orders over x amount. Lets say 50 dollars, and they add a product that’s 51 dollars to get free shipping. And use a 10% off coupon so it drops it below the magic $50 mark, how does your module act with the shipping module? Will it kick it to free shipping or will it show them they don’t get it now? Also if a coupon is added does it save it in the session if they navigate away from the shopping cart and back to it?

  45. Gary Post author

    Will – carried in the session, but can be removed by the customer if need be (on the shopping_cart page).

    Never tried your scenario, so not sure of the correct answer on that. Will try later and see what happens – what do you think should happen? In my view, if the order_total is not reaching 50, then no free shipping should occur (regardless of discount or not). Does your view differ?

  46. will langford

    I honestly don’t know if there is a correct answer. I know CCGV(trad) if you are at 51, enter a coupon that drops below, they still get free shipping. So it kind of cheats the system. I am curious on your results. I am also curious how hard it would be to code in gift voucher capability. Email me whatcha find.. I don’t know if you use Skype or not..

  47. Gary Post author

    Me either – I suppose it would be relatively simple to allow the shop owner to choose what happens in such a scenario – to allow the buyer to still get free shipping or not.

    I’ll test it in a bit, and see how mine reacts.

    It would not be insignificant to code up the ability to buy gift vouchers, as mine is a pure coupon system, and does not have the ability to use a “left over amount” of coupon (if you see what I mean).

  48. Prince

    Can i show the caluctaed discount on the shooping cart page … is there any option..

  49. Gary Post author

    The latest version of coupons allow the customer to insert the coupon code on the shopping_cart page, and shows the discount on that page.

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