Updated for ’08 – Make Your osCommerce Faster

By | April 17, 2008

I just finished up the next osC Book update – ‘How To Make Your osCommerce Faster‘ – in this eBook I show a number of methods that will speed up your osCommerce store.

speed_up_oscommerce.jpgSome of the changes are very simple, some are more advanced. This morning, I installed a brand new osCommerce RC2 and managed to get the page load time down from 1.375 seconds to 0.563 seconds with just a few cut and paste changes and a couple of Admin changes – that’s a page load speed decrease of just about 59% – and that is on a standard installation of osCommerce – if you have a larger osCommerce store, you should see even more startling results!

In addition to the excellent speed increase, the changes mean less calls to the MySQL database which is always a good thing.

The contents of the eBook is very easy to follow and I can say for sure, that even if you only make a couple of the changes in the eBook, your store will run faster and smoother.

So, if you want to make your osCommerce speedier – and therefore more pleasing to your potential buyers, have a think about purchasing the eBook – you might just learn something you didn’t know before.

And the price is set at just £3.99 (about $7) – not too much to pay for a more pleasing website I’d say.  www.oscbooks.com

2 thoughts on “Updated for ’08 – Make Your osCommerce Faster

  1. jared


    I bought a similar sounding book from you 4 years ago. How is this one different? I’m assuming it’s updated for RC2a, but other than that, how has the eBook changed?


  2. Gary Post author

    Jared – Updated for RC2, changed 1 recommendation (large small image mod), removed 1 recommendation (flat text file instead of SQL call). I think that’s about it.

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